Family Photography with Toddler and Newborn

It seems just a short time ago that we photographed Boden as a newborn. Now, here we get to introduce Porter! They both have the same ultra cool hair, which is amazing for a newborn. Boden is a total rockstar and is a superb guitar player. He showed me his many moves, including playing behind his back and above his head. But most impressive is his extensive knowledge of Willie Nelson. Instead of Barney songs, Boden can serenade you with “On the road again”.


Michael Kormos Wonderful pictures! Someday they will look at these and remember their star when he was young,

First Birthday Cake Smash

This is the first time we have done a cake smash for a first birthday.  As you can see there was cake everywhere so it was obviously a success.   We ended with some family photos in our favorite field at sunset.

I can’t believe it has been a year since we photographed baby Ethan!  Now he is a year old, it’s crazy how fast they grow in a year.

Michelle Ava This is Coffey Anderson. I can’t believe I recognized him! I have his music.

Newborn Baby Photography

Little Tessa came into the world a tiny bit early but at 10lbs she was clearly ready to take on the world.  This little lady slept through the entire session!  It is very rare that babies stay asleep for a whole newborn photo session!  As you can see she was the perfect model the whole time.

Maternity Photography – From the Studio to the Field

This maternity session did double duty!  We started in our studio and then moved out to my favorite field for some nice sunset photos.  I love the classic look of the studio photography but I also love the beautiful natural light of an outdoor setting.  This is Melanie and Josh’s first baby and you can tell they are excited to meet baby Jordan!  As soon as Jordan is done baking we will be doing some newborn photos, so stay tuned!

In Memory of Izzy

These photos were taken of baby Izzy last October when he was only weeks old.   While Izzy was born with challenges, he was a fighter and a joy to his family and those who had the privilege of knowing him.   Today Israel Rogers went to heaven at 9 months old.   I have posted these photos in loving memory of this little guy and hope they will remind everyone to appreciate the loved ones in your life.

gilliebean Oh my! This makes me so very sad. Thank you for sharing these photos. Izzy’s handsome face and his loving family has brought joy and love to my heart in the midst of sorrow for their lost. I know he’s well taken care of now in heaven but it is still sad.

vicki Dear Sarah and Jake, tears fill my eyes when I look at these beautiful pictures of Isaiah and your family. What a little fighter he was and every picture I saw of him posted by Carolyn he was smiling from ear to ear…what a courageous little boy he was.
My prayers are with you as you go through saying your farewells to him and as you adjust to not having him in your lives again, but knowing he is totally healthy and romping in heaven with other loved ones.
Blessings on you and and your whole family,
Vicki DeArmey