About Tiffany

I am a high-spirited photographer capturing fun & stylish portraiture for hip, modern families.  I think the best option is always one thats hot pink, I have a serious addiction to sugar, I could eat Chipotle for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I only like to use the kitchen for the microwave.  

Being creative makes me happy, so I don’t do folded hands and perfect smiles, because I am always looking to capture that spark of emotion.  The challenge of bringing out emotion and then capturing it in an artistic way is what really juices me. To me great photography is not about pushing the right buttons on a camera (although thats important :)), but about me pulling the “IT” factor out of you and then recording it with a camera.  If the look or smile falls flat, I am onto the next thing, always working to create that moment when the magic happens. 

 I am really into creating a concept and art direction for your shoot.  Whether that means dragging furniture outside (thanks husband), or using a grungy industrial park, I love to push myself to create something unique for you.  That’s why my clients hire me as an artist, not just a picture-taker.  

I hope you have had the opportunity to talk with one of our past clients (If not I can give you contact info for some).  They will certainly tell you what a fun experience one of our photoshoots is!  I don’t believe you are just investing in photos, but also in the experience of feeling your best and enjoying the process. 



Personal Top Ten:

1. For the longest time, when my parents or anyone said “it costs an arm and a leg” I thought they were saying “it costs an armanal egg”. Only a few years ago did I finally ask, “what the heck is an armanal?” 

2. I am a sugar junkie. I will take Costco cake (white cake with white frosting) over any highfalutin dessert any day. And if I buy ice cream with half the fat its so I can eat twice as much. 

3. If I had 9 lives, one or two would be spent as an FBI agent on the front lines. I would totally be a mix of Jack Bauer, Syndey Bristow and MacGuyver. 

4. I am super frugal because I think it is rewarding. Its all about the search. I am like a magnet for a great sale. If I own it, chances are I could tell you a story about how I got an amazing deal on it. 

5. I have a labeler and I label my neatly organized boxes, but my clothes are always in disarray. 

6. I am no longer sure what my real hair color is and don’t foresee me ever trying to find out because I think there might be grey in there. And if I don’t see it, it’s not real, right? 

7. A no fail way to make me happy is my dog tilting his head sideways trying to understand what I am saying. 

8. I think wisdom is always your best resource. 

9. I still think the best art medium is the smelly Mr. Sketch markers.  Licorice was my favorite, and you could always tell by the black dot on my nose. 

10. I consider candy corn the only worthwhile vegetable.