Kids Photography

Being a child photographer is part art and part child’s play.  Great kids portraits are not just a well executed photo, but tapping into a little person’s true personality.  Somewhere past the forced “cheese” smile is the happy-go-lucky kid that mom and dad want to remember in their kids’ photos.  I want to capture child portraits that still hang on the wall at their graduation and people still comment on years later.  As you view the galleries I hope what jumps out is the real emotion in my kids photography.  I want your investment in documenting the stages of childhood to be of such great value that you will treasure these little frozen moments as family heirlooms.

Photographing babies, toddlers, and kids is a rewarding adventure and my favorite moment is hearing parents remark about how happy they are that I was able to capture that look or smile they know so well from their kids.  That’s a precious memory and it’s my joy to be able to document it for your family.

Our kids photography studio in Burbank is perfect for fun child portraits or we love outdoor child photography either at your home or urban kids photography at one of our many favorite Los Angeles locations.  Please visit our newborn photography if you are expecting a baby, or have a newborn under 2 weeks of age.