As a small business, I rely on the support of my clients to continue doing what I love.   I am pleased to report that it is my kind-hearted clients referring their friends and colleages that has kept me going.   Below are a few unsolicited comments from our uber fabulous clients. If you would like to talk with one of them and find out more about our portrait experience, please let me know and I can send you contact information!

“I’m so glad we took the time to takes these photos when Nigel was first born! He has changed so much already and now thanks to YOU we can look back and remember his precious newborn days. They quality of your work is amazing…but not only that, with your personality and flare, you eliminate all stress right out of the process. I want to have another baby just to take photos again (ps…don’t tell that to my husband!) I really appreciate your passion for your work, it is very evident!

(And that bonus nap I took outside on the lawn chair while you so magically did your thing in the studio was seriously the last one I’ve had since…so we’ll be back to do more photos soon!)”
–Leah O.

“You are masters of photography and are so great to work with! You made us feel comfortable in potentially awkward scenarios and helped create a relaxed atmosphere that result in an overall fun experience.”
— Christina K.

“You guys really captured everything. your GREAAAAATE!”
— Morgan E.


WOW!!!!! these pics r sooooooo fantabular!!!!!!!!! you guys r great.
–Kyle M.

Thank you so much Marc and Tiffany!! The pictures look so AMAZING!! I can’t wait to see them all! You two are the best photographers in the whole world!!!
–Bernice B.

Marc and Tiffany – You guys did it again! Thanks for not only the great pics but for making it such an enjoyable experience for us. You guys are the best!
–Matthew H.