Newborn Photography

Being a newborn photographer is a precious job.  Because newborn photography is done before infants are 2 weeks of age, I get to mold tiny fingers and turn little faces to capture a time that is so fleeting.  While I love photographing the wonder of new life, it especially touches me that mothers always comment how they are so grateful that they invested in newborn photos since they no longer remember that stage that passes in the blink of an eye.  As mothers of newborns, the sleepless nights and all the changes that come with a new baby sometimes shadow how quickly they change everyday.  This stage is one you will definately want to remember once you have recovered from those sleepless nights, and these infant photos will be ones you will treasure for a lifetime.

Not only will you come away with wonderful newborn pictures, but you get a few hours to relax and enjoy watching your baby during their first photoshoot.  Professional newborn photos take time.  Please allow 3 hours since we are on baby’s schedule.  For baby photography, we usually we take quite a few breaks for feeding, changing and generally making sure we have happy infants.  This will be mostly black and white baby photography as a newborn’s skin is still quite translucent and often looks best in black and white, although we dotry to add a few color photographs as well.  Because we are photographing the tiny curl of a newborn, most photos are done with a naked baby or just a diaper with a white cover.  Infants tend to look swallowed up in clothing, but I will take a a few images if you have a signature outfit that is important to you.